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Session 1: The Business Case for Clinical Integration with Value Based Reimbursement 

Understanding the various value based contracting models and the business case for clinical integration in value based contracts,  Appreciation for how clinical integration across settings varies by contract model.

Session 2: Identifying Population Needs 

Business rationale understanding – connecting population needs to integration strategies. An approach to understanding population needs as a basis for identifying integrations

Session 3. Identifying Care Partners 

Understanding the business rationale of population needs in terms of how to identify partners.  Identifying partners based on partnership structure: contract vs. collaboration.

Session 4. Building the Care Delivery Neighborhood to Support Clinical Integration 

Understanding the business rationale of meeting diverse patient needs in a neighborhood with integration between care team members.  Learning how to collaborate in terms of governance basics and structural considerations for newly forming legal entities.

Session 5. Managing your Network for Success 

Understanding of tools to help structure governance and performance monitoring.  Establishing performance improvement lessons learned.

Session 6. Mock Partnership Agreements 

Group presentations of a mock partnership agreement using specific organizational characteristics.