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Session 1: Introduction – Preparing for Financial Change

A presentation focused on the types of alternative payment models common seen in value-based contracts and the impact these payment models have on financial planning.

Session 2: Critical Financial Skill Sets (Part 1) 

Understanding the financial framework necessary for value based reimbursement

Session 3: Critical Financial Skill Sets (Part 2) 

Understanding how to forecast new payment models

Session 4: Critical Financial Skill Sets (Part 3) 

Understanding how to manage finances under value based reimbursement. as well as effective budgeting techniques.  Discussion of priority capital and infrastructure investment under value based payments, identifying types of costs, and best practices in leveraging costs and expenses.

Session 5: Case Study: Payment Drives Redesign 

Review of most common models of emerging payment change for safety net providers.  Identifying the relative risks and benefits of these models.

Session 6: Team Presentations  

Group presentations from all participant organizations discussing specific financial planning, implementation, and control.